Banking equipment Support and Services Supporting Banking equipment such as UPS, Money Counter, ATM, POS, and Circuit Closed TV This complex have cooperation with many banks , organization and reputable informatics corporations  in inspection, maintenance,...Continue


Services and support of telecommunication sites and BTS site equipment Includes BTS, BSC and site installation and BTS site survey. ...Continue

Infrastructure Telecommunication

Infrastructure Telecommunication NetworkMaintenance, support, optimization and executive operations of the State Infrastructure Telecommunication Network  ...Continue


Huawei in talks to install Russian operating system on tablets for country′s population census


Huawei has been seeking alternative operating systems to Google’s Android OS after Washington put the world’s second-largest smartphone maker on a so-called Entity List that threatens to cut off its...Continue

Huawei starts research on 6G internet


5G has been a source of unrest for Huawei. The US government, worried that Huawei could build security flaw "backdoors" into 5G and other communications infrastructure, has pressured governments around...Continue

South Korea now has over 2 million 5G users, will have over 4 million users by the end of 2019


South Korea is one of the world’s first country to start offering commercial 5G services. Thanks to the strong demand for the latest gadgets and aggressive promotion strategy, the number...Continue