Banking equipment Support and Services Supporting Banking equipment such as UPS, Money Counter, ATM, POS, and Circuit Closed TV This complex have cooperation with many banks , organization and reputable informatics corporations  in inspection, maintenance,...Continue


Services and support of telecommunication sites and BTS site equipment Includes BTS, BSC and site installation and BTS site survey. ...Continue

Infrastructure Telecommunication

Infrastructure Telecommunication NetworkMaintenance, support, optimization and executive operations of the State Infrastructure Telecommunication Network  ...Continue


Huawei chairman agrees to sign ‘no-spy’ deal Liang Hua visits UK as government weighs risks of allowing Chinese telecom giant to help develop 5G network


chinese telecom giant Huawei is prepared to sign a “no-spy” agreement with countries including the UK, the company’s chairman said on Tuesday,as the head of NATO said Britain must ensure...Continue

Saudi operator successfully conducts a series of 5G tests


Mobily has successfully conducted site tests in cooperation with Ericsson for 5G (fifth generation) in Makkah around the Haram area reaching speeds in excess of 1 gigabit (1,000 megabits). The...Continue

CES 2019: here′s what you can expect from the annual CES/ Consumer Electronics Show


CES 2019 begins in just a few days – and it′s already shaping up to be quite the show. While some of the world′s top electronics companies have promised to...Continue