Banking equipment Support and Services Supporting Banking equipment such as UPS, Money Counter, ATM, POS, and Circuit Closed TV This complex have cooperation with many banks , organization and reputable informatics corporations  in inspection, maintenance,...Continue


Services and support of telecommunication sites and BTS site equipment Includes BTS, BSC and site installation and BTS site survey. ...Continue

Infrastructure Telecommunication

Infrastructure Telecommunication NetworkMaintenance, support, optimization and executive operations of the State Infrastructure Telecommunication Network  ...Continue


Ericsson: Unused opportunities of 5G industrial automation in the Middle East and Africa


As technology continues to develop and networks become increasingly advanced, experts across the ICT industry largely agree that smart manufacturing will come to represent the biggest portion of market revenues...Continue

Etisalat′s network is upgrading for 5G, IoT


Etisalat announced that it is in the process of upgrading its mobile networks over the next three months as it prepares to  meet future requirements for 5G networks, Internet of...Continue

Vodafone and Huawei test connected cars using pre-standard 5G


  For the first time in Europe, Chinese ICT solutions provider Huawei, Vodafone Germany, and automotive engineering firm Bosch have successfully tested the extended usage of Cellular vehicle to everything...Continue